is a family business run by Mr and Mrs Navaratnam. 

It started with a passion for photography. We loved taking photos where ever we went, from beaches in Sri Lanka and Mauritius to the lights of London and even the beautiful flowers in the back garden.  Taking photos which would capture a moment for a lifetime was something we loved to do.

We then wanted to take this to the next level and create something that people could use to appreciate some of the wonderful memories, experiences, words or people that have made a positive impact in their lives; so we looked into the area of personalisation.

We understand that there are billions of the pre made / designed products out there where people all over the world can buy online and on the high street/malls; however we want people to be able to express their unique and individual thoughts and preferences through personalising a timeless product that will never go out of fashion such as a flip flop. It’s something that our customers can wear year after year and each time they wear it, it would remind them of something that puts a smile on their face.